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The AgileMove Way

Organizations usually adopt only part of Agile development in the form of frameworks and methodologies thinking it’s only process change. This line of reasoning has led to the failure of many Agile transformation attempts. Using Agile without also adopting Agile mindset and culture means missing out on the biggest benefit Agile transformation has to offer -- building high-performing, continuously-improving, self-organizing agile teams.

Agile development isn’t just about adopting new processes - it’s about transforming the way your team thinks and operates. And that’s exactly what we mean when we say -- Your organization needs to “be Agile” not just “do Agile.”

A successful Agile transformation demands a holistic change management process that considers all aspects of your organization's structure, leadership, culture, and current practices. So, that’s precisely our approach.

We collaborate with your leaders and teams and uncover the best path forward for your organization’s Agile transformation to be a success

Our Services

When the task at hand is unlearning the way most of us have been working for many decades - you’re going to need some support and guidance to adopt a new, better, agile way. And that’s where we can help.

Enterprise Agile Transformation

When you need an Agile transformation strategy and coaching to keep your transformation on the right track, this is the service for you. We’ll look at your whole organization and develop a comprehensive Agile transformation strategy and plan based on your specific goals. Then, we’ll support every step of your organization’s transformation with coaching and feedback designed to unlock the true potential of your teams.

Agile Coaching

Your team might have been already trained on Agile, but are they following Agile values and principles or practicing Agile framework properly? When your team needs guidance, support and feedback to optimize their Agile knowledge and put it to good use, our coaching service is a perfect fit. We’ll work with you to understand your objectives and provide exceptional coaching to help you identify and respond to what’s working and what’s not, and help you adjust course to meet your objectives.

Agile Training and Workshop

A comprehensive understanding of agile methodology is the first step in a successful agile transformation. We have successfully trained hundreds of people, transforming them into the very best scrum masters, product owners, agile team members and agile leaders. For over ten years, our experienced team has delivered optimal training in Agile/Scrum, SAFe, Management 3.0 and many more.

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