Thinking of going Agile?

Smart move. Companies like yours choose Agile to increase productivity, adapt to changing market needs, reduce costs, and improve product quality - all while reducing time to market.

The result: A highly effective way to stay competitive and relevant in your industry.

Organizations in a broad range of industries have experienced significant benefits resulting from their Agile transformation.

Of 1,492 organizations surveyed  --

  • 71% improved their ability to manage changing business and customer priorities
  • 66% increased their project visibility across teams
  • 65% saw an improved alignment with IT
  • 62% improved their product delivery speed and reduced time to market
  • 61% increased their team productivity

And 97% of organizations surveyed reported practicing Agile framework.

*2017 VersionOne survey respondent results.


How Does Agile Transformation Make This Possible?

Some industry proven ways of how Agile transformation makes these significant improvements possible include --

  • Focus on value delivery and regular re-prioritization of requirements with customer to address the most important objectives first, increases productivity by reducing the time your team spends on less important or non-value added functionality.
  • Early and frequent delivery and customer feedback ensures alignment with customer need and priorities (even when they seem ever-changing) and reduces rework.
  • Simultaneous development and testing provides immediate quality feedback, allowing team members to make improvements for increased product quality and avoid potential end-of-project delays and need for rework due to poor quality.
  • Empowerment and autonomy of team members increases engagement, collaborative & innovative environment and productivity - and leaders are able to focus on more high-level strategic tasks instead of wasting time micro managing their teams.
  • Regular self-reflection by team builds a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Foster collaborative working culture between the business and IT organization aligning business goals across the organization

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